By Lori Spencer
Do you have the right stuff to make it as a singer? Tips on how to prepare for a career in music.

Anyone who dreams about becoming a professional singer eventually comes to realize that the road to success also involves a lot of hard work. When interviewed, many top recording artists agree that getting to the top is a matter of timing and luck as much as it is of talent.

Industry connections play an important part, too; a gifted vocalist may never be heard outside of his or her local market without the services of a manager or agent. An artist’s support team is essential in securing recording contracts, live performance engagements, and publicity, as well as lucrative publishing and marketing deals for their clients.

To become a singer, a pleasant vocal tone and affinity for music are important fundamentals in many cases. This natural talent can be developed and refined through working with a voice coach and taking singing lessons, but unless the student has an inborn ability, it’s unlikely any amount of practice will make him or her into a great singer.


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